Alarm Systems by DetectIt™

Hardwired System*


(#DET 0004)


Wired Sensor


(#DET 0005)


* Hardwired Unit: The DETECTIT™ sensor is wired directly into the Red Receiver Alarm Box. 6 to 10 feet of installation wire is supplied with this model. Being hardwired eliminates the need for the battery inside the sensor, for situations where battery access is not available. The Red Receiver Alarm Box has the capability to be wired into your Residential or Commercial Alarm System. This gives you added protection, not only will you get an Alarm from our system. Your alarm company will now be able to notify you or your company directly that your property is in danger of a waste line backup.

Product Specifications:

Sending Unit:

  • Contains an FCC Approved battery operated “rolling code” transmitter with well over a million codes
  • Class 2 UL, CSA approved power supply
  • Includes a Rubber Fitted Cap to seal unit from the elements

Residential Receiver:

  • Compact wall plug-in design, includes power on indicator, acoustic alarm and red colored visual alarm

Commercial, Industrial and Premium Residential Receiver:

  • Heavy duty water resistant enclosure
  • Long operating life battery provides protection even under extended power line outages
  • Isolated external relay contacts for connection to central alarm system

Installation Diagrams:

system1 system2 system3 system4