Detect a sewage backup/overflow before it’s too late!

Family and Their HouseDETECTIT™ is an all new waste-line backup alarm that will alert you to an impending sewage back-up in your home, office or investment property.

DETECTIT™ was invented by two of our master plumbers to improve your quality of life.

DETECTIT™ is a family owned and operated business with almost a century of master plumbing and cesspool service experience. We have responded to thousands of service calls where our customers have lost family heirlooms, valuable possessions, all of which cannot be replaced by insurance settlements.

DETECTIT™ was designed by our team to eliminate the stress of septic tank, cesspool, and sewer, main waste line backups.

DETECTIT™ is a state of the art product built to put an end to the heartache, the time and hassle of renovations and the high cost of repair.